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Denso - 1JZ/2JZ High Output 150AMP Alternator w/ Under Drive Pulley

SKU 021080-0140
by Jaylec
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$599.00 - $619.00
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High output 1JZ/2JZ alternator. Bolts in the factory location allow for a higher draw electrical system on your vehicle, (Additional fans, fuel pumps ect).

Genuine Denso unit.

Would Suit :

All 1JZ and 2JZ motors

Depending on the rest of your accessory pullies on your motor you may need a slightly longer belt. if your standard 6pk1930/1940 doesn't fit 6pk1955 is usually the necessary size

This kit includes the following products

Denso: 021080-0140/65-8502G, Choice of Adapters: 53-808

*Please note, given this is a high output unit please ensure upgrading your wiring at the same time as upgrading your alternator as your old corroded wiring designed for 90-100 amp will not allow the unit to operate correctly and may cause premature failure.