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Platinum Racing Products - Nissan Skyline ETS Pro Attesa Torque Split Controller

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ETS Pro Nissan Skyline GTR Center Differential ATTESA Torque Split Controller for R32 R33 R34

ETS-Pro is engineered specifically for use with the R32, R33 and R34 Skyline GT-R ATTESA system. Designed to give you complete control over Nissan’s multiplate transfer case, ETS-Pro easily adjusts active torque split percentages on the fly – allowing you to switch from 4WD to RWD and all points in between. It also allows proper control for using an AWD Skyline GT-R transmission in non-OEM race applications or swaps (such as Escort Cosworth).  New for 2018 is the addition of optional wheel speed sensor inputs on their dedicated microprocessor board. This was requested by high power Drag racers looking for a faster 4WD response at launch (more traction at low vehicle speed).

ETS-Pro R32 GTR Installation Guide: Click Here!

ETS-Pro Universal Install Guide: Click Here!

ETS- Pro R34 GTR Installation Guide: Click Here!

ETS-PRO Technical Details:
-Advanced Microprocessor with Dual-axis high-resolution G-Sensor
-Water resistant and dust proof enclosure (IP65)
-Custom firmware with driver adaptive capability
-Torque split calculations use advanced formulas instead of static mapping or lookup tables
-Several internal modes (programs) based on driver throttle and G-Sensor behaviour that switch on the fly automatically
-Optional Wheelspeed inputs on 2nd microprocessor daughter-board for aggressive Drag launches.  ABS sensors are not polarity specific
-ETS-PRO unit requires connecting (6) wires. The installer has the option to hard wire the ETS-PRO to the ATTESA Solenoid (located on ATTESA pump) or to connect the ETS-PRO to the OEM wiring harness.
-For +wheelspeed installation, 1 front and 1 rear ABS sensor should be hardwired.

-ETS-Pro can be in MANUAL mode which controls pressure directly off the knob setting OR AUTO mode which uses the TPS and g-sensor inputs, working off the algorithm and the knob for “gain”. The Auto mode is able to respond immediately with very little lag and precise pressure control.