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Syltech - Heavy Duty Bulkhead - Fuel Pump Wiring Upgrade (Walbro 255, 460, 525, 535, Bosch BR540)

SKU Ss-0717-200
by Syltech
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Syltech Isolator Terminal Kit (2 in a kit) - Designed for bulk head and firewall junctions where large amounts of current needs to pass through metal objects without shorts or cavity leaks.

Perfect for fuel pump upgrades like Walbro 400's, 460's, 520's  and Bosch 040's which require large amounts of current to pass through fuel tank bulk heads. Standard wiring cannot keep up with the amount of AMPs required for these high performance pumps and are known to melt over time. Having the incorrect wire gauge for upgraded internal pumps is very dangerous as it can cause shorts and potential fires around fuel.

These isolators ensure a fixed terminal sealed from fumes and fluid without shorting with its base conductive surroundings. These isolators are ethanol safe with fuels such as E85 as well which make it a must for any fuel setup upgrade!

Technical Information:

Type: Bulkhead Electrical Isolator Terminal (2)

Maximum Power Rating : 50AMP

Fitting Composition: Polyoxymethylene

Seal Composition: Viton

Stud Composition: Stainless Steel

Stud Diameter: 6mm

Stud Length: 30mm

Connection: M6 terminal for eyelet wire crimp

Kit includes:

2x allen key studs

4x nylock fasterner nuts

8x terminal washers

4x viton seals

4x machine lathed terminal blocks

2x external protective dust boots

1x datasheet & instruction manual to ensure correct installation