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Titan Motorsports Billet Shifter Paddle For A90 Supra

Original price $579.00 - Original price $579.00
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$579.00 - $579.00
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  • Increased spring mechanism to provide a enjoyable "click" upon gear shifts.
  • Closed trigger hoop for less void in the engagement - this physically changes the gap needed to initiate a shift.  Fundamentally similar to a short throw shifter in a manual transmission.
  • Modular design on the paddle harness makes swapping paddles easy
  • Install tools required: Quality needle nose pliers and a sharp pointed center punch.
  • Fully reversible if needed.
Would Suit :

Any A90 Toyota Supra

Other Information:
  • (1) L&R Paddles
  • Adapters 
  • Installation Instructions