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Unit 4, 82 Vanity Street, Toowoomba QLD, 4350, Australia.

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Australia's Leading Destination for Performance Car Parts

Goleby's Parts is your ultimate destination for high-performance parts! With decades of experience fuelling our passion for speed and power, Goleby's Parts stands as an icon in the world of performance car parts. Established with a vision to transform ordinary rides into extraordinary machines and enhance race performance, our journey began with a relentless pursuit of excellence in performance parts in Australia.

Unleash the Power Within Your Engine

At Goleby’s Parts, we understand the burning desire for more power that runs through every car enthusiast’s veins. Whether you’re a weekend warrior looking for an adrenaline rush, a car restorer with an eye for detail or a competitive racer aiming for a podium finish, we’re here to fuel your pursuit of automotive perfection. With over 22 years of experience building our knowledge, we’ve learned to understand the specific needs of our customers. We’re committed to exceeding your expectations with precision-engineered performance parts in Australia that take your driving to the next level.

Tailored Solutions for Your Ride

Start your journey with Goleby’s Parts, where we go above and beyond to provide you with the best customisation for your vehicle. Our skilled and experienced team are passionate performance specialists with our own selection of personal performance vehicles housed in our own garages at home. So we know what we’re talking about. Along with stocking standard parts, we can create custom solutions to meet your needs. Along with selling leading performance products, we have a team of in-house welders who can help you design and produce custom GRP-fabricated parts. We can install a full suite of performance parts and can intervene at any stage of any build, from start to finish. We can work with you to custom-design a tailored fit for your vehicle, whether on-road or on the race track. We deliver more than just products. We offer dedicated knowledge backed by years of hands-on experience to ensure your vehicle runs optimally.

Unlock Maximum Performance

Goleby's Parts offers a wide selection of fuel injectors, ECUs and turbochargers to help enhance your vehicle. Our top-of-the-line cooling systems ensure optimal engine performance and durability. If you want to increase horsepower and torque, we have a wide range of turbochargers designed to provide the extra boost you need. Enhance your vehicle's capabilities with performance car parts in Australia and enjoy an exciting ride that goes the extra mile.

Expertise Rooted in the Racing World

When you choose Goleby’s Parts, you’re not just talking to salespeople. You’re talking to fellow car enthusiasts and professionals who live and breathe performance. Our team are racing enthusiasts passionate about pushing the boundaries of automotive excellence. Most of us are ridiculously passionate about our job working with performance cars, as we own and often race them as well. So we can ensure your road to automotive fulfilment is paved with enhanced power and precision.

Elevate Your Drive with Goleby's Parts

At Goleby’s Parts, we’re more than just a retailer. We’re your trusted partners in the quest for the ultimate power and performance. Take the next step and experience automotive excellence defined by velocity, raw power, and unmatched performance. If you’re looking for personalised and expert advice on performance car parts in Australia, we know what you need. So talk to us and bring more power into your own hands when you’re next behind the wheel.