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Workshop-November-2023-Update Goleby's Parts

Workshop - November 2023 Update

November as always shapes up to be our busiest time of the year, with the ongoing releases from Sema 2023 & the fabrication team busy with R&D and stocking up on your favorite GRP Fab products for the BFCM period.

We have to start this blog with the end of the month as the workshop team has done incredibly well with Trix's R32 GTR. The lobster back/pie cut intercooler piping finishes this engine bay up nicely. With over 8 hours fabrication work in this, you can see the skill and level of pride the guys take in the work that get completed in the workshop. 

Turbosmart dropped one of the biggest products of the year with announcing their Turbo range. We couldn't wait to get our hands on our stock order, so we managed to use one of the first promo turbos on Brocks AWD JZX105. 
We are happy to share with you the first of many back to back tests we have planned for the new Turbosmart Turbochargers, Garrett G35-900 .83 vs Turbosmart 6466 .82 both in vband configuration.

Zero changes were made to the tune or target boost, with the Turbosmart requiring less duty cycle from the Haltech ecu up top to create the same boost level, confirming how efficient the 6466 unit is.

Checking out the dyno graph you can see up top the 6466 makes far more top end power, you might say yes it has a 2mm larger front / 4mm larger rear then the G35-900 so this makes perfect sense. What you then need to look at is on this graph it has exactly the same response as the smaller wheel turbo, and even on the previous run showed very slightly more response. What would happen if you put the 6262 Turbosmart Turbocharger on ? Would it make the same power with better response ?

Seeing as we made no changes to the ecu the midrange target boost was around 3psi less but still made near identical power. We didn’t want to beat up on the car all day but by simply adding a little more duty cycle through the midrange the 6466 would have carried the extra Hp right from the midrange to redline !!!!
Goleby's also worked locally with 6boost to develop a new manifold option for the Turbosmart Turbos to be released shortly, this meant we could create some of the first Turbo Kits with genuine fitment using Nug's S15 as a test car. 

This WRX was in the workshop for a bunch of upgrades. The car received a set of Radium fuel rails combined with Bosch 1000cc injectors and Turbosmart's FPR6. With the Ecu control from Haltech's Elite 1500 along with a few other bits and pieces. 

Our new 2024 R&D test vehicles arrived. The first N/a 1JZ-GE JZX100 Mark II is up first with the workshop starting work on a N/a Exhaust & Intake next month. Another Mark II arrived, this time being the AWD Variant in the same color code. These were popular in the mountain ranges in Japan and now being used to get into the JZX market for under 15K. In 2024, Goleby's Parts will bring some more focus to these and develop a large range as NA + T kits alongside Exhaust, Intakes & more 8HP ZF Transmission kits for the JZ platform. 

Kristian's yellow KE36 getting some Ecu upgrades, a Haltech Nexus R5 & PD16 was chosen for this build as it will need to utilities a large number of inputs/outputs. This will also be getting a Turbosmart turbo for more real-world testing.
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