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Workshop-September-2023-Update Goleby's Parts

Workshop - September 2023 Update

The R&D JZX110 kits and are almost ready to be sold, the full collection can be viewed here when ready. The guys have been honing their welding skills and always learning more ways to ensure the end quality is top notch. 

Goleby's Parts held their open day on the 23rd of September which had a large range of staff and customers cars to show off a lot of the custom products and also the GRP Fab kits that we our staff also run on their personal vehicles. We are all enthusiasts that apply out love for performance vehicles into our day-to-day work and represent the same products we sell. See our video below: 

A 2JZ BMW E46 in for some fuel rail upgrades featuring a BPP + Bosch 1000cc combo.

This JZA80 Supra getting a Downpipe, Intake, Intercooler & Plumb back wastegate.  

Zac's Subaru in for a flex fuel sensor install with the fab team needing to create a custom mounting bracket out of the way. 

2024 will feature a larger range of 8HP gearbox conversions on the table, one of the first will be the boss man's Corolla. More to come of this build in the future. 
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