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Haltech-Do-you-like-what-UC Goleby's Parts

Haltech - Do you like what UC?

Goleby's Parts is at the frontline with announcements attending PRI 2023, we are finally glad to release this information about Haltech's new 10inch dash display. *Price below is USD. Australians RRP will be $2950inc.
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Ever since we released our first colour dash, the iC-7, a few years ago, you have been asking us to make another one. “We just want a nice big, clear screen without the buttons, shift lights, or other distractions,” you said. Well, we heard you loud and clear, so today we’re very happy to reveal the latest in our digital dash line-up, the big, loud and clear uC-10.
Launched at the PRI show in Indianapolis – The Haltech uC-10 dash is a classic blend of technology and style. Its 10-inch display offers ample space to monitor critical vehicle data in real-time. The full-colour TFT screen is optically bonded, ensuring crystal-clear visibility even in bright sunlight, and the sleek aluminium enclosure ensures it will look great in any vehicle.
Key Features
Compatibility: The uC-10 is compatible with Haltech CAN, OBD2, and selected aftermarket ECU brands. It can also be wired in as a complete stand-alone unit. This versatility ensures that it can seamlessly integrate into a wide range of vehicles and setups.
The uC-10 offers plenty of scope for sensors and other inputs in a stand-alone configuration, or for use as an I/O expander in a Haltech environment.
User Definable I/O: 10 x AVIs, 4 x DPOs, 4 x SPIs.
Fixed I/O: 1 x Tacho Input and 1 x Alternator Excite.
    On-Board Data Logging: The uC-10 comes equipped with 512MB of on-board looped data logging.
    NSP compatible: The uC-10 will be compatible with our free NSP software, straight out of the box.
    UC-10 FAQs
    Does this replace the iC-7?
    No, the iC-7 is here to stay!
    I have an iC-7, but now I want to upgrade to a uC-10, is that possible?
    Not only is that possible, it is easy! The uC-10 has the same mounting points as the iC-7. So, the HT-060070 iC-7 Standard Dash Mount is compatible with the uC-10. The Superseal connector is the same as the iC-7, however, some re-pinning may be required, depending on your setup.
    Can I customize the screen layouts?
    Through the new dash section in our NSP software, you’re able to change channels and choose your colour settings on our default screens.
    I see it comes with a Wi-Fi antenna in the box, does that mean it is Wi-Fi compatible?
    Not yet. The uC-10 does have a Wi-Fi module in it which will become available in a future firmware update, so don’t lose your Wi-Fi antenna!
    It logs data, so can it do lap timing?
    No, not at the time of release.
    How much will it cost?
    AUD: $2950 inc GST
    USD: $2000
    When will it be available to purchase?
    Coming 2024...
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    Chris Lynch - December 17, 2023

    Early pricing and pre-order of the UC-10

    Tony - December 15, 2023

    Interested in UC10

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