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New Product Announcement: Haltech Linear Position Sensors


Most commonly used as shock travel sensors, the Linear Position Sensors can also be used to measure gearbox shaft position, differential angle, or in any application that requires linear position data. In short, these simple sensors can make your ride not just faster but also more predictable.

Used as shock travel sensors, Haltech’s Linear Position Sensors can measure and log the speed and distance of your shock’s compression, extension, rebound, etc. to give you an accurate picture of how the vehicle reacts to the track surface and changes. They remove the guesswork out of chassis tuning. Armed with this information, you can significantly cut down on testing and adjusting, saving not just time but wear and tear on your vehicle. 


A linear potentiometer includes a slider that moves in both directions, proportionally dividing the applied voltage over its operational range thus creating a voltage output based on the position of the slider.

This voltage signal is then received by the ECU and interpreted as “travel” measured in inches or millimeters. As well as travel we can also monitor the speed of compression and extension of the slider.


Haltech Linear Position Sensors are available in two diameters – 1/2″ and 1″ with each diameter offering different lengths (see table below). Each sensor comes complete with a 450mm Terminated lead (Terminated with DTM 3 Receptacle) and an opposing DTM 3 Connector with pins seals and wedge.

Part Number Product Name Diameter Travel
HT-011201 Linear Position Sensor 1/2″ (12.70mm) 50mm (1.9″)
HT-011202 Linear Position Sensor 1/2″ (12.70mm) 100mm (3.9″)
HT-011203 Linear Position Sensor 1/2″ (12.70mm) 150mm (5.9″)
HT-011204 Linear Position Sensor 1/2″ (12.70mm) 200mm (7.8″)
HT-011205 Linear Position Sensor 1/2″ (12.70mm) 250mm (9.8″)
HT-011211 Linear Position Sensor 1″ (25.40mm) 100mm (3.9″)
HT-011212 Linear Position Sensor 1″ (25.40mm) 150mm (5.9″)
HT-011213 Linear Position Sensor 1″ (25.40mm) 200mm (7.8″)
HT-011214 Linear Position Sensor 1″ (25.40mm) 250mm (9.8″)


Haltech Linear Position Sensors are supported by a range of mounting accessories, including split collar mounts, nuts, and weld-on tabs.

Part Number Product Name Size
HT-011230 Weld-on Shock Sensor Tab (mild steel)
HT-011231 Aluminum Shock Travel Sensor Mounting Nuts 1/2″-20 thread
HT-011232 Split Collar Shock Sensor Mount 3/4″ (19.05mm)
HT-011233 Split Collar Shock Sensor Mount 7/8″ (22.22mm)
HT-011234 Split Collar Shock Sensor Mount 1″ (25.40mm)
HT-011235 Split Collar Shock Sensor Mount 1 1/8″ (28.57mm)
HT-011236 Split Collar Shock Sensor Mount 1 1/4″ (31.75mm)
HT-011237 Split Collar Shock Sensor Mount 1 1/2″ (38.10mm)
HT-011238 Split Collar Shock Sensor Mount 1 5/8″ (41.27mm)
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