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New-Product-Announcement-Link-G5-Voodoo-Pro Goleby's Parts

New Product Announcement: Link G5 Voodoo Pro

Discover the next generation of engine management, with our most flexible, most powerful, most advanced ECU ever, designed from the ground up to unleash the latest and most cutting-edge engines.

Link - G5 Voodoo Pro — Goleby's Parts

The G5 Voodoo Pro puts real magic in your hands, with 24 injection/ignition channels, Gasoline Direct Injection control, dual onboard E-throttle and Lambda, built-in GPS, plus much more.

Powered by our latest G5 platform, this true generational leap is a successor to our championship winning G4X.

12 Injection, 8 Ignition and 4 multi-purpose (inj, ign, aux) channels, allow you to control up to 12 cylinders with sequential injection and direct spark. The multi-purpose channels allows two stage injection on up to 8 cylinders (16 injection & 8 ignition).


Control Gasoline Direct Injection on 12 Injection channels.*

Dual Onboard Digital Wideband Lambda controllers, no separate boxes required.

Built-in Global Positioning System (GPS).

Dual onboard E-throttle with internal solid-state relays.

Our ECUs and Razor PDM are backed by Link’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.


*May require accessories.

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