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New Product Announcement: Turbosmart OPR V2 Turbocharger Oil Pressure Regulator

All New OPR V2 Turbocharger Oil Pressure Regulator from Turbosmart
Turbosmart proudly announces the All-New Patent Pending OPR V2 Turbo Oil Pressure Regulator. The OPR V2 is an inline, return-less regulator of oil pressure for turbochargers, including a built-in 44 Micron Oil Filter. The New OPR V2 is AVAILABLE NOW, more straightforward and even easier to install thanks to the Male -4AN inlet & the outlet is entirely Serviceable and Rebuildable.

Turbochargers require a supply of oil for lubrication and specifically require a ‘window’ of oil pressure for the best results. This window is lower than most engines produce for other areas of the engine and the OPR V2 from Turbosmart is the simplest solution. No more guessing restrictor sizes, nor more smoke show at the tailpipe – the OPR V2 delivers the correct oil pressure, all the time!

The OPR V2 Oil Pressure Regulator features an inline, return-less fitment and down-regulates turbo oil pressure to suit most turbochargers. Directional logic is engraved on the unit to ensure it is not fitted incorrectly and provides a laminar flow, no matter the pressure, grade or temperature of the engine oil it is fed. The Patent Pending oil control strategy will provide rock-solid reliable oil pressure.

As simple as Fitting an inline oil filter

The OPR V2 is now a simple inline installation with no return line to plumb in and complicate the engine bay. Just like an inline oil filter, the OPR will fit onto the standard -4AN oil supply line and perfectly regulate oil pressure to suit the needs of the turbocharger. As an added feature, it also happens to be an oil filter! There is a built-in Stainless Steel Mesh 44 Micron Oil Filter. The filter is replaceable and has a service kit if you want a new filter and replacement seals.

Taking the Guesswork away

The OPR V2 doesn’t use an external reference and isn’t impacted by the supply pressure, which often changes from one RPM to another. The Patent Pending oil control strategy within the tiny OPR V2 is fit and forget. There are no settings, no setup or calibration to be worried about.

Guage or Sensor Port

Built into the OPVR V2 is an optional 1/8NPT Port, which is included so you can fit a gauge to see the pressure yourself or a data log in your ECU with a sensor. The port only reads outlet pressure, so you can be sure what you read is what your turbo is receiving.

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