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Link ECU - Introducing The GT86 Plug-In ECU

Link ECU - Introducing The GT86 Plug-In ECU


Link ECU has announced a game changer and Goleby's Parts has the latest on the new plug in ECU for The Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ and you can buy it here now.

Experience the power and instant gratification of a fully standalone plug and play ECU. You can take control over all the factory functions, including Direct and Port Injection, and unlock a range of new advanced features – all with the reliability and support you’ve always deserved. Link’s new GT86 G5 Plug-in, the most advanced plug-in ECU for the FA20 engine on the market.

Suitable Applications:
  • Toyota 86, ZN6, 2012 – 2021
  • Toyota GT86, ZN6, 2012 – 2021
  • Subaru BRZ, ZC6, 2012 – 2020
  • Scion FR-S, 2012–2016

Why choose the Link GT86 G5 ECU?

  • Brand new, just for you: the GT86 G5 is a modern ECU, utilising the latest hardware, and free constantly updated software, ensuring it remains future-ready.
  • Purchase, Plug, Play, Perform: the purchasing, delivery and installation are straight forward, saving you time, money and hassle. The GT86 G5 is designed specifically for the FA20 engine and fits the OEM location and factory wiring, ensuring full functionally and complete control over your engine.
  • All inclusive technology: the GT86 G5 plug-in brings the next generation of engine management platform to the FA20 and is overflowing with advanced features like control of both Direct and Port Injection, Manual and Automatic Transmission control, factory E-throttle (DBW) and VVT-i control, 512MB of onboard data logging, Traction Control, Launch Control, Anti-lag, Flappy Paddle Control, Drive-by-Wire, Flex fuel and more. All of the GT86 G5’s advanced features come as standard, not as costly extras.
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The Link advantage: setting the GT86 G5 apart

  • Stand out with standalone: no reflash, additional wiring, modified factory ECUs or Adapter looms connected to a generic ECU here, just complete control over all the factory functions and more.
  • The hard part is over: tuning an engine with Direct Injection can be complex, but the GT86 G5 ECU comes with all the engine characterisations and a sample tuning MAP included, for a big tuning head start.
  • Communication made easy: customizable CAN setup connects seamlessly with a range of CAN-based products like dashes, whether it’s factory, from Link, or any other manufacturer for perfect integration.
  • Global support, local service: Link’s global sales and tech support teams are ready to assist you whenever you need them.
  • Lifetime warranty: every Link ECU is protected by a Limited Lifetime Warranty for peace of mind.

Features of the GT86 Plug in ECU:

  • Control both Direct and Port Injection
  • Full OEM CAN Bus integration
  • Control both Manual and Automatic Transmissions
  • Billet CNC Aluminium Enclosure
  • Mounts in OEM Location
  • Includes a locking USB-C extension cable for easy tuning access
  • Comes with a built-in powered DTM4 CAN cable
  • Full factory E-throttle (DBW) control
  • Full VVT-i control
  • 512MB of Onboard Data Logging, up to 250 channels and 100k samples per second
  • Runs on Link’s renowned PC Link, giving you the confidence to get started right away
  • Backed by Link’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

All Link Plug-in ECUs come with the below features as standard:

  • Plug and Play - A Direct Replacement for the Factory ECU, no adapter looms needed.
  • All motorsport features enabled – Anti-lag, Boost Control, Cruise Control, Gear Shift Control, Nitrous Control, Launch Control, Paddle Shift Control, Race Timer and Power Management, Rolling Anti-lag and Traction Control
  • Two CAN bus channels
  • Advanced Modelled Fuel equation with flex fuel capability, or a more basic “Traditional” equation is available
  • Exceptional adaptive knock control or traditional threshold-based knock control.
  • Onboard 3 Axis Accelerometer
  • Onboard Trigger Oscilloscope
  • Live user configurable math channels running in ECU
  • Very flexible user configurable CAN bus inputs and outputs. Most 3rd party CAN bus devices supported
  • CAN Keypad control
  • Flexible engine protection limiters
  • PC Link software – Tuning, display and powerful log analysis all in one package.
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