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Turbosmart - Raceport EM Release


TS-0224-1135 - GenV RacePort EM Sleeper

Goleby's Parts are proud to show everyone Turbosmart's all-new RacePort EM is a High Flowing Valve capable of supporting over 2500HP with a built-in solenoid for advanced control strategies and OE-level vehicle integration.

RacePort EM Electro-Mechanical

The RacePort EM (electro-mechanical) is a motorsport quality, high-flowing diaphragm-operated valve with modern vehicle technology and motorsport smarts in mind. The RacePort EM combines decades of experience with the market-leading RacePort 50mm Valve with Turbosmart's Multiple Award Winning and Patented EM (Electro-Mechanical) technology.

Multiple Award Winning Kompact EM
Multiple Award Winning Kompact EM

RacePort Architecture

The RacePort architecture provides market leading flow and reliability with a diaphragm operated valve which has proven to be the most responsive and capable valve of its kind on the market. Add to this the Multiple Award Winning and patent EM (electro-mechanical) technology which provides seamless electronic integration, you have a motorsport proven solution with genuinely hi end and hi-tech credentials.

RacePort Series

Amazingly light and small valve designed for forced induction competition-level engines. The RacePort has race-proven credibility, proven in the extremes of motorsport and incorporates a diaphragm-operated valve for ultra-fast actuation and response. Add this response to the market-leading flow the RacePort 50mm valve is known for, and you have a proven performer that will never let you down!

RacePort BOV Series
RacePort BOV Series

EM Technology, Inside

Diaphragm actuation means lower sprung mass and a lighter spring combination for unparalleled valve response. The positive sealing valve means the instant the valve has touched the seat; you’re building boost and back in the game.

Boost-Balance Technology

Part of what makes Turbosmart Valves the most reliable on the market today is our boost balance technology. What is it? Fairly simple, your engine’s pressure is fed to both sides of the diaphragm. This means both sides of the valve are constantly exposed to the same pressures, and to this, the backside has a spring to ensure it is always closed when needed. The only way to open it? A pressure differential is created when the throttle starts to close. Put, the more boost you feed a Turbosmart valve, the more it wants to seal and keep closed!

Vent to Atmosphere, or Recirculate?

Up to you, Turbosmart now produces our traditional vent-to-atmosphere RacePort blow-off valves and a recirculating valve we call PlumBack. Both valves provide market-leading flow, are indestructible when it comes to feeding them boost and both now incorporate EM technology! No matter which way you go, you can be assured these valves will do exactly what you ask of them, no matter the conditions.

Want a valve that puts you on the cutting edge in the staging lanes? Or are you simply upgrading your late-model pride, enjoying being fitted with an electronic valve from the factory, and finding the limits? The RacePort EM range from Turbosmart has you covered!

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