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Haltech IC7

Haltech - Upcoming Firmware For The IC7

Haltech have come through with the goods and have a pretty big announcement for their IC-7, this will totally transform the use of the dash. With a decent amount of Goleby's Parts staff running the Haltech IC-7, we will be exploring the updates firsthand.

Haltech IC7

    Brock's JZX105 running an IC-7, Tuned by Madoc Tuning. 

    The rumors are true. Your iC-7 dash is about to get better – for free!

    Haltech IC7


    March 2024 update:

    The burning question on everyone’s mind: When will the long-awaited iC-7 update promised by Haltech finally arrive? Well, here’s the scoop, with a mix of good news and some not-so-good news. Let’s tackle the not-so-good news first: Despite our dedicated firmware engineers’ tireless efforts, the update isn’t quite up to our standards for public release just yet. However, the silver lining emerges: While addressing these challenges, our research and development team has seized the opportunity to enhance the features slated for Phase 1 release. Consequently, we’re thrilled to announce that some of the highly anticipated Phase 2 features will be fast-tracked into Phase 1.


    So, when are you likely to see all this awesomeness? Right now, we’re aiming for a June 2024 release. 


    December 2023 update:

    We thought you’d like some information on the iC-7 I/O changes that will be included in the Phase One update. All existing Analogue Voltage Inputs (Pins 17 to 15), which had fixed functionality, will be user-definable. We’ve added four user-definable Digital Pulsed Outputs (Pins 26 to 29) which can be used to switch relays for a Fuel Pump/Fan etc via the dash. (button or generic function). And three user-definable Digital Pulsed Inputs (Pins 31 to 33) For reluctor and digital inputs eg: Wheel Speed/Driveshaft Speed, etc.

    See the table below for the full pin out.

    Pin Description Notes
    1 CAN1 High No change
    2 CAN2 Low No change
    3 +12V SWITCHED No change
    4 BATTERY GROUND No change
    5 +5V Sensor Supply No change
    6 N/A No change
    7 N/A No change
    8 N/A No change
    9 N/A No change
    10 N/A No change
    11 N/A No change
    12 N/A No change
    13 N/A No change
    14 N/A No change
    15 N/A No change
    16 N/A No change
    17 AVI9 Now user-definable
    18 AVI1 Now user-definable
    19 AVI2 Now user-definable
    20 AVI3 Now user-definable
    21 AVI4 (Fuel level 240ohm pull up) Now user-definable
    22 AVI5 Now user-definable
    23 AVI6 Now user-definable
    24 AVI7 Now user-definable
    25 AVI8 Now user-definable
    26 DPO1 New – User-definable
    27 DPO2 New – User-definable
    28 DPO3 New – User-definable
    29 DPO4 New – User-definable
    30 Ground Output (For Sensors) No change
    31 DPI3 New – User-definable
    32 DPI2 New – User-definable
    33 DPI1 Was dedicated Vehicle Speed – Now user-definable
    34 TACHO Input No change

    Looking at the Haltech iC-7 dash, you may have asked yourself, “Why does it have all those buttons?” or “Why are there so many unused pins in the connector?” Well, the answer is this: The iC-7 is a great bit of gear, but when we very first designed it, we always intended it to be much more than it currently is. So we gave it hardware capable of doing great things! What it didn’t have though, was the firmware to do all the great things we wanted it to. It’s just like that scene in the movies when the wise old mentor tells the hero* that “The power was inside you all along!” and then there’s probably a montage and some epic music and the hero learns how to unlock that hidden power within. That’s what we’ve been doing for the past while: Montaging our way through the process of writing the firmware that will unlock the power hidden inside the iC-7. We’re currently alpha-testing that firmware and are almost ready to share it with you… can you hear the epic music?

    Just like any good hero saga, this firmware release will come in phases. (Please note, these may change slightly depending on beta-testing, etc).

    Haltech IC7

    Phase One sets the foundation for all things to come. We’ll start by completely ditching the ICC software and starting fresh by bringing the iC-7 into NSP. Yes, you’ll be able to program your dash and your ECU from one single piece of software. This also brings a couple of nice user-experience upgrades with it:

    • Live updates – No more making changes in the software and sending them to the dash. All changes will be updated on the dash in real-time.
    • The virtual dash in NSP will display live channel data from the physical iC-7, just like an ECU does, so you can check your inputs, calibrate your fuel level, and so on, in real-time.
    • Reassignable inputs – You’ll now be free to use the iC-7’s inputs as you see fit, rather than being locked into pre-defined applications as they are currently. (Except for the tacho, that one is fixed).
    • The ability to use generic sensors so you can do custom calibrations, etc.
    • We might even throw in some sweet new screens to please the eyeballs.

    Phase One is due to drop towards the end of this year.

    Haltech IC7

    Phase Two comes hot on the heels of Phase One and this is where things really start to get interesting. During this phase, we intend to make your iC-7 smart! Not smart enough to turn all machines against mankind and bring on Judgement Day, but smart enough to essentially turn your iC-7 into an IO expansion unit with a built-in CAN keypad… with logging capabilities. That means:

    • Datalogging – 512MB of it!
    • CAN Bus Master Capabilities – Use your iC-7 to control a Haltech PD16, IO12, or CAN Keypad as a complete stand-alone unit without the need for an ECU.
    • Dash to ECU communication – Wire a sensor to the iC-7 it will be able to share that info with your Haltech ECU, or use your iC-7 buttons as ECU switches.
    • And maybe some more screens

    All programmable via NSP (Remember Phase One?), and all free to anyone who already owns an iC-7.

    Phase Two will likely be released a couple of months after Phase One.

    Phase Three? Yes, that is coming too, along with a Phase Four and possibly even a Phase Five – We’ve got a real Haltech Dash Universe planned here, but it would ruin the surprise if we let you in on all those secrets just now, so you’ll just have to be patient re-visit this page sometime in the future. That is your destiny.

    Haltech IC7

    *Post Credits Easter Egg: Have you ever noticed the default iC-7 dash screen is called “Hero”?

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