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Garrett-Advancing-Motion-G42-1450-vs-GTX4202-Comparison Goleby's Parts

Garrett Advancing Motion G42-1450 vs GTX4202 Comparison

Quick look at the Garrett G42-1450 VS GTX4202 and some basic questions answered.

1. G42 is “not” interchangeable with with GTX4202 rear housings, whilst the inducer and exducer Rear wheel sizes are near identical the height of the G42 wheel is taller. It is also a 9 blade wheel vs the old 10 blade wheel.

2. Compresssor wheel for GTX4202 is 76/102mm 11 blade, compressor wheel for G42-1450 is 79/98mm 10 blade.

3. GTX4202 has a .60 a/r front housing G42-1450 has a .85 a/r, G42-1450 front housing is slightly larger OD but not by much so should still fit most manifolds that suit Gtx4202.

4. G42-1450 exhaust housing is less bulky than the GTX4202 housing in the same equivalent T4 1.01 a/r. (Vband housing versions due soon)

5. O/D of dump pipe flange is the same diameter so if you are using an aftermarket flat dump pipe flange the dump pipe “may” bolt up, if you are using the genuine Garrett Gt42 vband flange that located into the housing it will not without modifying. So expect dump pipe changes needed if you are changing from one to the other.

6. G42-1450 complete turbo weighs 17kg, GTX4202 weighs 17.3kg.

7. G42-1450 now has a machined alloy backing plate on the front side VS the cast steel backing plate of the GTX4202.

8. Overall finish of the G42 is much nicer than the GTX42, housings and core Garrett have actually put time into design as well as looks.

9. Why the F do Garrett still supply T4 open entry gaskets with Split Pulse housings 🤦‍♂️.

10. Oil inlet and outlet appear to take the same hardware, and water line threads are now smaller but come with Dash fittings already installed.

11. Less and nicer balancing is done on the G42 turbine wheel vs the GTX4202

So in our opinion the G42-1200 (73/91mm compressor) has been placed in the market to replace the GTX4202, while the G42-1450 is more aimed at the customers that before would have used a GTX4508. Either way we are loving this new G series tech Garrett is bringing to the market.

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