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Specs & Features: DBA Street Performance Brake Pads

STREET PERFORMANCE brake pads have been designed for drivers seeking improved braking characteristics over traditional OE brake pads. STREET PERFORMANCE is the next step up for all vehicles, developed to provide an effective friction response to pedal application and offer low wear and dust minimisation.

We recommend STREET PERFORMANCE brake pads for daily driver and performance vehicles, 4WDs and SUVs. They are also compatible with Light Commercial Vehicles.

We recommend use with STREET SERIES T2 or 4000 SERIES T3 slotted rotors for optimum braking power.

STREET PERFORMANCE part numbers are denoted by the suffix SP.


  • Consistent high temperature performance
  • Scorched for optimal braking performance
  • Semi-metallic formulation and copper-free (NSFI certified) for low dust emission
  • Application-specific NVH shims, slots and chamfers for less vibration and noise

Ideal For

  • OE upgrade
  • Performance cars, SUVs & 4WDs
  • Use with DBA Performance Disc Rotors
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