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Technical: What Camshaft Is Right For you?

What Camshaft Is Right For you?

Not all camshafts are created equal. You need to be very careful when choosing a new camshaft for your car, as choosing the wrong one can significantly drop your engine’s power.

Upgrading a camshaft is a very technical and complicated subject. Here are a few different factors of a car’s performance that a Kelford Cams camshaft can improve and deliver:

• Increased engine torque
• Improved RPM performance
• Enhanced horsepower
• Better engine idle smoothness
• Higher engine speed performance
• Superior fuel efficiency


Again, it’s not as simple as drop in a camshaft & you go faster. Several factors change depending on your car and what you require. Results will vary based on a number of options. For better understanding please watch video and/or review questions and answers below


Video Chapters


00.30 – What application is the vehicle to be used for?
01.10 – What horsepower are you trying to achieve?
01.43 – What powerband/RPM are you trying to achieve?
02.21 – What turbo are you running?
02.55 – What fuel are you running?
03.22 – Combo rundown
03.45 – Gearing rundown



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