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Platinum Racing Products - Toyota JZ CAS Bracket

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This piece of CNC machined billet alloy is a nice addition to your expensive engine bay. It will encompass (hold) any of our trigger kit and or mechanical fuel pump solutions.

If you wish to expose your cam gears the bracket is very catching to the eye, comes in all PRP colours and also has the benefit of being able to adjust your cam gear without the removal of the CAM angle sensor or PRP mechanical fuel pump bracketry.

This Bracket is designed to work off the exhaust cam, therefore, works with all VVTI and Non-VVTI JZ engines given you have the right hardware to meet your required needs.

PLEASE NOTE - With this new sequential smart coil option on a NON-TURBO head you may need a dizzy block off, CLICK HERE to get your dizzy block off plate.