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ARP - Toyota 1JZ & 2JZ Con Rod Bolts - 203-6005

SKU 203-6005
by ARP
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ARP conrod bolts for Toyota 1JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GE & 2JZ-GTE

Would Suit:

Toyota 1JZGTE, 2JZGE and 2JZGTE engines 

More Information:

Arp are the leading brand in fastener technology. All fasteners are made with the highest quality materials with quality assurance testing.

Unquestionably the most important fasteners in any engine are the connecting rod bolts, as they hold the key to the entire rotating assembly. A broken bolt will lead to catastrophic engine failure. As you can imagine, the most critical joint is where the connecting rod halves mate. The rod bolts must support the primary tension loads caused by each rotation (or cycle) of the crankshaft.

ARP2000®: ARP2000 is a steel alloy that can be safely heat treated to a higher level than 8740. While 8740 and ARP2000 share similar characteristics – ARP2000 can achieve a tensile strength of 220,000 psi.