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6x Atomic Billet "FatRod" conrods suit Ford AU-FG 6 cyl. 998 Kw rated. Pressure fed gudgeon pins

6.060 C/Centre length, to suit 22.0mm (.866) diameter gudgeon pins. Features dowelled caps, pressurized oil feed to gudgeon pins and fitted with ARP2000 bolts. Weight - 710 grams.


Ford Barra DOHC Engines


Even Stronger Conrods - the Fat Rod was born
Having great success with the 600kW rated (now 698) Superleggera conrod was rewarding but we weren't going to rest on our laurels. We believed power levels of the Turbo Ford were going to be pushed beyond the 100kW per cylinder design parameter of our original design, so we had only one alternative - go back to the drawing board and come up with another design that could handle 200 per cylinder. Some people told us we were mad - who needs a conrod that strong? But we believed there would be a need so after 7 months of blood, sweat and tears the FatRod was born.

As the Pom's like to say This is a serious bit of kit. The design brief was to ensure it could cope with the enormous combustion shock loads associated with 1300HP+ flywheel figures, so the tough H-Beam construction was retained, as it has a higher stiffness-to-mass ratio than an I-Beam design. We gave it the biggest beam we could fit inside the piston and coupled it to the largest size bearing tunnel that could physically fit inside the Ford crankcase. The minimum cross section has been increased by a whopping 34%, the beam is 13% wider, 14% thicker and the small end of the rod can accommodate a .927 Chev diameter gudgeon pin, if required. Serious conrods for serious power.

We don't stand still at Atomic and for 2008 we developed some innovative features to our range of conrods. Firstly, we beefed up the Superleggera conrod by increasing the cross section of the beam, bumping up the power rating to 698. Secondly we added pressure oil feed to the gudgeon pins on both Superleggera and the FatRod and thirdly, we engineered piston crown cooling as part of the conrod design.

Pressure fed gudgeon pins is an Atomic innovation, borrowed from diesel engine technology. We redesigned our conrods to provide a direct pressure feed of engine oil to the load side of the gudgeon pin bush, thereby providing oil directly to the gudgeon pins and bushes. As turbo/supercharged engines make more power than their normally aspirated cousins, the forces of combustion are far greater which in turn place much greater loads on gudgeon pins, leading to excessive pin/bush wear. Providing pressurised oil feed to the pins increases life of the engine considerably.

Piston crown cooling is not new either, but has not been available for the Ford 6 cyl engine previously. This feature helps remove heat from the piston by spraying oil onto the underside. It is common practice in many high performance engines, such as the Nissan Godzilla 2.6Ltr engine, Sierra Cosworth, Turbo Porsches, etc who employ this method of internal thermal management. This feature will help to detonation proof our engines by drawing heat from the piston in much the same way a rich air/fuel mixture is cooler than stoichiometric.

We are the first manufacturer to offer this features in Ford DOHC engines/components and since 2009 both features have been integrated into our conrods.

Atomic conrods are the most technologically advanced conrod on the market... accept no substitutes!