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Bosch 1650cc Stainless Injector 0280158333

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Bosch 1650cc stainless steel internal injectors E85 0280158333

- 1462cc/min = 1000g/min = 132lb/hr @ 3bar (1650cc @ 4bar)
- Single cone spray
- 1/2 body length
- Regular tip nozzle
- Jetronic connector
- 8.5 ohm resistance
- E85 compatible
- Commonly referred to as Bosch 1550/1650cc injector

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Other Information:

E85 Compatible

Stainless steel internals

Flow Matching:

Every 1650cc injector is static flow matched prior to sale. We offer additional Dynamic flow matching in sets of 2, 4, 6 or 8 for customers who wish to have a perfect set. 

Static flow matched injectors are flowed at one Duty Cycle and then batched into individual groups depending on flow, these injectors are within 3% at the one Duty Cycle but the % can be more at other Duty Cycles.

Dynamic flow matching is performed with our inhouse equipment at multiple Duty Cycles and all injectors are matched within 2% across all settings. 

Our flow matching equipment is a replica of our most popular products, Haltech Elite ECU, Turbosmart Fuel Pressure regulator, Bosch Pressure and temp sensor, and high volume fuel pumps. What this means is how the injectors test in our flow matching machine gives real world results of how they will perform in your car.