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This little blow-off valve might look small, but it™s anything but light on performance. With its billet aluminium construction and a light-weight brass/aluminium two-piece piston, perfectly matched with precision engineered springs, the Shortie provides razor-sharp boost response and significantly more significant boost handling abilities up to a massive 30PSI. The Plumb Back is a fully recirculating BOV, so its operation is quiet and won™t draw any unwanted attention. It seamlessly integrates with the vehicle™s standard mapping, so it™s perfect for the driver seeking big performance from their ST while keeping under the radar.

Like the Dual Port, the Plumb Back Shortie directly replaces the Fiesta™s standard plastic blow-off valve, which can leak and crack, especially under increased boost pressure. The Shortie is a far more durable replacement, and it bolts right up to Ford™s turbo compressor cover, letting you turn up your Fiesta™s performance without costly custom work.

Supplied With:
Kompact Shortie Plumb Back BOV, Boost Reference Adapter, All Necessary Plumbing, Resister Pack for Factory Valve Plug.