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EOFY Package Deals! Contact the sales team for your custom package pricing.
EOFY Deals! Contact the sales team for your custom pricing!

GRP Engineering - Toyota 2JZGTE Full Gasket Rebuild Kit

SKU 11115-46052GRP + 17177-46031GRP + 17176-46030GRP + 17198-46010/46040GRP + 90311-40020GRP x2 + 11213-46030GRP/214-46011GRP + 90201-11018GRP x16 + 16343-46030GRP + 96761-24023GRPx2+VS90913-02062VI+7M8103H-STD+6B8100H-STD+2T8103H-STD+2C4713-STD+SS1-85-BP
Original price $939.95 - Original price $939.95
Original price
$939.95 - $939.95
Current price $939.95

GRP Engineering have put together a high-quality and cost-effective Complete Rebuild Kit which includes the following: 

  • Multi-Layer Head Gasket (11115-46052GRP)

  • Intake Manifold Gasket (17177-46031GRP)

  • Intake Collector Gasket (17176-46030GRP)

  • Exhaust Manifold Gasket Pair (17198-46010GRP + 17173-46040GRP)

  • Camshaft Seal Pair (90311-40020GRP x2)

  • Cam Cover Gasket Pair (11213-46030GRP(VVTi)/11213-46020GRP(Non-VVTi) + 11214-46011GRP)

  • Cam Cover Bolt Washer Seals (90201-11018GRP x16)

  • Water Neck 2 Bolt Gasket (16343-46030GRP)

  • Water Neck Bypass Pipe O-Ring Pair (96761-24023GRP x2)

  • Viton Valve Stem seals (VS90913-02062VI)

  • ACL Race Series Bearings - STD Size (7M8103H-STD+6B8100H-STD+2T8103H-STD)

  • Hastings Piston Ring Set (Does not include scraper rings, reuse OEM) (2C4713-STD)

  • Three Bond Silicone Sealant Tube (SS1-85-BP)

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