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12 Position Rotary Trim Module - (Boost/Fuel/Ign etc)
Triple Switch Panel Only - includes Yellow & Red knobs
Other Information:

Control your Elite functions in real time from inside the cabin! Use the Haltech Trim Module to trim various functions within ESP. Torque management, boost levels, nitrous control, ignition correction and other functions can now be accessed and controlled via a cabin-mounted switch panel. With a Haltech's Triple Trim Module Kit you can control your ESP functions individually.

Compatible with: Elite 2500T, Elite 2500, Elite 1500, Elite REM.
Includes: 3 x HT-010504 Rotary Trim Module (with Black Position Knobs), 1 x Position Knob (Yellow), 1 x Position Knob (Red), 1 x HT-010508 Triple Switch Panel, 1 x Instruction Sheet.
Dimensions: Width: 177.8mm (7"), Height: 50.8mm (2"), Thickness: 2mm (0.080")