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Kelford Cams - EVO X 4B11-T Camshafts

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Performance Cams for Mitsubishi EVO X 4B11-T

Continuously variable intake and exhaust valve timing allows tuners to achieve great power gains and driveability from the 4B11-T. A popular engine for motorsport applications the benefits gained from installing Kelford Cams in 4B11-T engines are widely recognised. Utilising ultramodern design principles, casting techniques and state of the art CNC grinding the Kelford range of camshafts set the performance standard in the 4B-11 platform.

If you can't find your perfect camshaft within our range, designing custom profiles is our specialty! Simply order the custom camshaft and provide us all the details of your build. Confidential development for race teams is also available.

214-A Camshaft Set

264/252 Degrees advertised duration, 10.00mm/9.30mm lift.

264° performance cams for improved low to mid-range power and good throttle response. Ideal for 54mm-60mm turbos. Can retain OEM valve spring up to stock boost and rpm limit. Otherwise Kelford Cams recommend KVS11 for up to 32psi boost and 9000rpm.

214-B Camshaft Set

270/262 Degrees advertised duration, 11.00mm/10.00mm lift.

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X - 270° high performance camshafts to suit most motorsport applications. Suits 58mm-66mm turbo running the 350-550hp range. Requires valve spring upgrade. Kelford Cams recommend KVS11 for up to 32psi boost and 9000rpm.

214-C Camshaft Set

278/272 Degrees advertised duration, 11.50mm/11.00mm lift

Lancer EVO X Stage 3 278° racing cams to suit high horsepower engines running a 64mm-72mm turbo. Great with E85. Kelford Cams recommend KVS11-BT valve spring upgrade. 

214-D Camshaft Set

282/288 Degrees advertised duration, 11.50mm/11.00mm lift

282°/288° Drag Racing Cams for professionally built Mitsubishi EVO X 4B11T engine with a well prepared cylinder head. Fuel type E85 or methanol. Suits engines running 68mm+ turbo at high boost for 1000hp+. Kelford Cams recommend valve spring KVS11-BT. 

214-R Restricted Rally Camshaft Set

260&254/262 Degrees advertised duration, 10.00mm 9.75mm/10.00mm lift.

EVO X Rally Camshafts to suit 4B11T engines fitted with a 36mm restrictor. Suits engines running 46-54mm turbo. The 214-R 260°camshaft features Kelford's split lobe profile design on the intake to promote more efficient swirl chamber filling. Also great on street or track engines where excellent throttle response is important. Valve spring upgrade is required. Kelford Cams recommend KVS11 for up to 32psi boost and 9000rpm.

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