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International shipping available! Contact us for a quote.
International shipping available! Contact us for a quote.

PHR - JZA80 Supra Triple Walbro 460lph Fuel Pump Hanger

SKU PHR 01011224
Original price $1,403.12 - Original price $1,403.12
Original price
$1,403.12 - $1,403.12
Current price $1,403.12
-8 outlets, -6 return, and 5/16 barb inside the tank

This triple pump hanger features:
T6 6061 construction
Exact fit to the OEM tank
Fittings supplied with each hanger
Mil-Spec Circular Connector and wiring
All applicable hardware
Anodized Black for E85, Methanol, and other chemical resistance.

Would Suit :

Toyota Supra mk4 JZA80 Supra

Other Information:

All Parts are milled at a slow feed rate to ensure a better finished product.
Quality tapped holes to ensure clean threads.
Aluminum Barb to prevent corrosion between dissimilar metals.
All the PHR kits come with MILITARY GRADE coated wires specifically for fuel submersion. We sourced and tested these long term at great personal expense. This was actually the single hardest part for us to come by and solve the issue of fuel soak in cheaper wire some were having.
Anodized black! This will ensure our hangers can be used permanently in alcohol / methanol / E85 fuels with no concerns of long term corrosion.
Teflon Hoses, fully compatible with any fuel type

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