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Plazmaman - GR Yaris Intercooler (1.75" or 2.00" Outlets 350KW - 370KW Supercore)

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GR Yaris Intercooler

The GR Yaris has hit the ground running and Plazmaman has been at the forefront of intercooler development for this model from day one.

Asking around the traps it has become apparent that most Yaris wanted a "bolt in" style cooler with absolute minimal modification. Our design engineers have ticked all boxes with this product release, including looks/appeal. To add to that Plazmaman has released it with their new design "Supercore" intercooler core. We have been developing this core for some time now across all forms of motorsport and decided to be standard issue on this model vehicle.

Initial testing has resulted in solid 12-15 deg air temperature drops over standard across the range without tuning. The biggest gains we found with bottom-end torque and power gains to help get it up on boost. Plazmaman are currently in development of other parts for these and higher 300+ kW tuning, and race track numbers coming soon.

Some of the features of the leading Plazmaman design:

Lightweight high-flow "Supercore" intercooler 600x150x140mm core

5.5" thickness - 79% more flow capacity and 2 times the surface area.

350 kW capability

Circuit track use compatible.

Solid 35-37% drop in air temperature vs OEM unit. (Dyno 27deg ambient - OEM 48deg - Plazmaman 33 deg at the end of the run)

Supplied with all necessary brackets and instruction manual

Zero cutting of front bar and intrusion bar, all safety features are retained."

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