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Up to 50% off clearance sale! New products added weekly!
Up to 50% off clearance sale! New products added weekly!

Holden Colorado RG

New for 2019 in the Process West 4x4 Enhancement range is the Terra-Tuff Front Mount Intercooler system for the Holden Colorado. 

Designed not only with market leading performance in mind, OEM level durability is also part of the Terra-Tuff arsenal, offering manufacturer style design and fitment, followed through with industry leading testing and validation. Notably this intercooler kit will fit all models of Holden Colorado from 2013 onwards including the DPF models. This means that when you fit a Process West Terra-Tuff Intercooler system to your Holden Colorado you have made a choice to have not only the best charge air cooling, resulting in significant power and torque gains, but you have also chosen a product that will last the life of your vehicle no matter what you throw at it. That’s the Process West Terra-Tuff way! 

  • Core size 673 x 200 x 80mm
  • High flow cast aluminium end tanks

HOLDEN COLORADO TERRATUFF Design Philosophy and Parts

Heart of the Process West Terra-Tuff Intercooler system is a durable front mounted Bar and Plate intercooler core. All Terra-Tuff intercoolers use Bar and Plate construction due to not only its effective cooling and heat-sink capability, but also because it is the most durable and impact resistant of all intercooler types. This is a huge replacement intercooler core measuring 673 x 200 x 80mm giving a massive increase in cooling surface area as well as overall thickness when compared to original.

Silicon Piping Options 

The Holden Colorado Terra-Tuff intercooler kits comes with the intercooler core and a pair of replacement front silicone intercooler hoses, which is all of the parts that sit behind the grille of the vehicles. This means that fitment is incredibly simple requiring only the grille to be removed and the intercooler and piping bolted straight in. For those that want to replace all of the factory hoses with Process West Terra-Tuff parts then we have two different options to suit both DPF and non-DPF models. The reason we do this is that each of these models is different in the piping layout. Available at a small additional charge these optional silicon piping kits can be ordered here 

All of our Process West Terra-Tuff piping consists of specifically moulded silicone hoses of four ply construction combined with high-durability constant tension hose-clamps.