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Up to 50% off clearance sale! New products added weekly!
Up to 50% off clearance sale! New products added weekly!

Radium - Fuel Surge Tank Mounting Brackets

SKU 13-0054
by Radium
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$56.37 - $105.77
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Mounting Hardware

The fuel surge tank can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle. However, mounting near collision prone areas, heat sources, or moving parts such as suspension components should be avoided. Note: All of the single pump FSTs listed above can be mounted anywhere from vertical to horizontal. However, the dual pump FSTs cannot be mounted completely horizontal because the pickups are on opposing sides of one another internally. Choose a bracket below that best fits the application.

Floor and Wall Mount - This bracket is laser cut from aluminum and powder coated black and can be mounted on the side or bottom of the surge tank.

Frame Mount - Because this bracket has a 90deg formed bend and is cantilevered, it is constructed from steel for superior strength. It is not only nickel plated to resist corrosion, it also allows for components to be grounded to the spare hole in the bracket. This assumes the bracket is mounted to an electrically conductive material such as a steel frame.

Angled Mount - This mounting bracket is used for vehicles that may have a limited mounting height. It can be mounted on a floor and against a wall. This bracket is made from laser cut aluminum and powder coated black.