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Spool - 2JZ stroker kits

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(Please note most of these kits are order in, if you are in a hurry please email for availability before purchase). Available in many compression ratios.

The Spool Toyota 2JZ-GTE 3.2/3.4L Stroker Kit Includes:

SPOOL Billet 4340 91/94mm Stroker Crankshaft
SPOOL H (3/8) or I (7/16) Beam Forged Conrods with ARP 2000 Bolts

CP Custom Pistons ( rings, 9310 pins and locks )
Full billet 4340 Nitrided and Balanced Crankshaft

With the increased cubic capacity from the 91/94mm stroker crank, increases of up to 50% in torque and low to mid range power are achievable. Boost will come on earlier in the rev range and peak power will increase.
Note: If conrod to block interference occurs, slight clearancing may be required.