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Spool - RB Twin Cam Cylinder Head Oil Drain Kit

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This kit designed to help reduce excessive oil build up in the cylinder head of Nissan RB Twin Cam series engines. This is a common problem experienced on the drag strip and occasionally on the street.

This kit helps drain the oil back to the sump instead of building up in the head where it often ends up being forced out of tappet cover breathers and catch cans.

The kit includes the OIL DRAIN that fits in the back of the cylinder head (where the OEM Welch plug resides), geniune Dash 10 SPEEDFLOW FITTINGS, 1 meter of HOSE and a WELD ON FITTING for the sump return. (Available in either aluminium or steel - depending on sump used.)

The thinner SPOOL drain helps prevent fowling on the fire wall.

Would Suit :

Nissan RB Twin Cam engines 

Other Information:

Kit Contains the following:

1 x Meter hose - black (598-10)
1 x Spool Drain and adaptor fitting - black  (734-10-BLK + 901-8)                                      2 x Fastening bolts 
1 x Oring
1 x 45 Degree Speedflow Fitting - black (402-10-BLK)
1 x straight Speedflow Fitting - black (401-10-BLK)
1 x Steel or Alloy Weld on fitting (Steel = 999-10-S Or Alloy = 999-10-D)