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Our staff will be away 19/04 for the Toowoomba Show Holiday. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Our staff will be away 19/04 for the Toowoomba Show Holiday. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Turbo Lamik ZF8HP TCU Basic Package

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$2,995.00 - $2,995.00
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TCU 2.0 by TurboLamik is a highly advanced transmission controller for ZF 8HP automatic transmissions, thanks to which we are able to control the amazing ZF transmission in any car, yes any car.

Being able to use current OEM technology in your build not only extracts more performance from the engine, but it helps with fuel economy and driveability. Gone are the days of the loose converters from the powerglides and TH400 or clunking and whining gears from a dog box. The 8hp and TCU 2.0 combination really does give you everything, a race transmission with road mannors, comfort and efficency.

TCU 2.0 was the first 8HP controller on the market and it has been in continual development for many years more than anything else on the market. 

It currently supports 8HP45, 





8HP90 transmissions with more coming soon.

TCU 2.0 gives the possibility of configuring driving modes, we are able to adapt the controller to any type of car:

Drag Racing

The controller is sold with a configuration for a given car, the installer does not have to map TCU from scratch! With the base map loaded its a matter of driving the car and letting the TCU 2.0 adapt to the transmissions clutches just like and OEM TCU. 

TCU 2.0 has a diagnosis of error codes and protection for the safety of the user in the event of a failure of the drive system.

  • Specification:
  1. 8 configurable driving modes
  2. Gear shifting: manual, automatic, semi-automatic,
  3. Smooth to sporty gearshift characteristics
  4. Auto Adaptation
  5. Auto diagnostics / error code memory
  6. Transbrake start procedure
  7. Virtual clutch
  8. On-line software update

Installation of the TCU 2.0 does require modification to the factory mechatonics. We essentially need to bypass the internal factory TCU and link directly to the solenoids and sensors with in the transmission. This is done using the supplied PCB board, which sits in place of the factory TCU.


A1-A12 Analog Input,:

The freely configurable inputs can be used as CAN / ANALOG (extended stand alone ecu).

Analog output 1-4 analog outputs analog output, e.g. gear, brake, clutch signal.

AUX 1-8 outputs 0.5a low side

AUX 9-10 output 5A low side speed signal

AUX 11-12 3A higt side output

AUX outputs support:

- idle signal

- reverse lamp signal

- ignition signal

- speed output

- gearbox cooler fan control

-transbrake output signal

- front wheel lock valve

CAN communication: 2 x 125, 250, 500, 1MBps

We are Australia's

TurboLamik dealer and can assist with all purchase and support enquiries! 

Package Contents Include

-TurboLamik TCU 2.0

-TurboLamik display

-Shift Mode Knob

-8HP Plug and TCU plug (including pins), the wiring harness is not part of the package.

-PCB for Mechatronic

We do have a universal wiring harness which may suit your application, please see the following link. Or please contact us for a quote on a custom harness.

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