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Up to 50% off clearance sale! New products added weekly! *Click Here*
Up to 50% off clearance sale! New products added weekly! *Click Here*
Proprietary dual ceramic ball bearing system, oversized shaft hub with drastically improved oil sling, dual gas rings for improved gas sealing, optimised compressor backplate and compressor wheel integration for improved air management, tapered compressor wheels for increased strength, one-piece integrated backplates for improved chassis rigidity.
Turbosmart compressor housings are designed with velocity in mind to improve cylinder filling. Turbine housings are designed to complement Turbosmart's unique low pressure turbine wheel aerodynamics and reduce exhaust back pressure. 2618-T6 forged and CNC milled compressor wheels designed with aggressive aerodynamics leverage the ultra-responsive bearing and shaft combination for increased airflow at all shaft speeds.
Lightweight, aluminium compressor covers feature CFD drive and optimised A/R designs with anti-surge inlets, built-in speed and boost reference ports.

Horsepower Rating 800
Compressor Wheel Inducer 62mm
Turbine Wheel Exducer 62mm
Turbine Housing A/R 0.82
Comp Cover Inlet 4"
Comp Cover Discharge 2.5"
Turbine Housing Inlet 2.25" V-Band RR
Turbine Housing Discharge 3.00" V-Band

  • Lightweight Rotating Assembly for Fastest Spool
  • Aggressive Aerodynamics for Increased Air Velocity
  • Built in Speed and Pressure Reference Ports
  • Smaller and Lighter Than the Competition
  • Proprietary Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing System
  • Oversized Shaft Hub for Improved Oil Sling
  • 310s Hi Temp Stainless Steel Investment Cast Turbine Housing
  • T14 Inconel Turbine Wheel
  • 2618-T6 Forged and CNC Milled Compressor Wheel