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Alan-s-Daily-Driver-MX83-Cressida Goleby's Parts

Alan's (Daily Driver) MX83 Cressida

1JZ Powered Cressida

IG @str8.piped

"Alan Say's"

I Bought the car in 2020 as a daily, with a stock 1JZ and a few bolt ons.  

Due to a lot of things that were not done properly by the previous owner it had a heap of issues, eventually leading to the motor being hurt and spinning a bearing. I decided to just rebuild the 1JZ and then it kind of snow balled.... I talked to Goleby's about building me a motor package and then it all ended up getting a little out of hand for a daily.

The car ended up making 673hp @ 25psi, while trying to keep the little W58 gearbox alive, the car is still used as my daily driver. Future plans are a TR6060 gearbox swap, Plazmaman intercooler & clamps, ECU upgrade (maybe elite 2500), and turn the boost up to 35psi.




6 Boost T3 high mount Manifold

Turbosmart 45mm wastegate (50mm screamer)

GTX3582R modified with bigger Billet wheel

T3 0.82 rear housing Goleby's Parts turbo beanie

Full 3.5 inch Stainless Exhaust





Shaved factory intake manifold

600mm x 300mm x 75mm intercooler

Custom intercooler piping by DAZ Fab

Syltech Idle control Valve 

Goleby's Parts silicone joiners





Toyota W58 manual gearbox (Hanging on for dear life)

Direct Clutch Services 5 Puk solid centre single plate clutch with R33 skyline pressure plate

BC Racing coilovers

BA Falcon Front Slotted rotors R33 Skyline 4 piston front calipers

Slotted stock rear Rotors

LSD from the Grande Model.




Haltech elite 750 + premium wiring harness

Haltech WBC-1

Haltech IO12 expander box + wiring loom

Haltech IC7 dash

Yaris coil Kit

Bosch sensors

Haltech sensors

Haltech 12 postion rotary switch





Walbro 255 intank pump

Radium Multi Pump Surge Tank

2 x Walbro 525 pumps

Turbosmart Billet Fuel filter

Bosch 1650cc Injectors

Billet Performance Products Fuel Rail

Turbosmart FPR1200

Speedflow 200 series Teflon fuel lines.



Toyota 1JZ-GTE non VVTI

CP carillo pistons 9.0:1 compression

Spool I Beam drag rods

Real Street Billet Main Caps

ARP Main Studs

ACL Race Big Ends & Mains

ARP Head Studs

Kelford Cams 229-D 272/278

Kelford Cams KVS109-1JZ spring kit

Brian Crower 1mm Oversize valves

Toyota Shimless bucket conversion

Toyota 2JZGTE oil pump

Goleby's Parts adjustable Cam gears

Leeson Engineering Billet Cam gear retainers

HKS Timing belt

Ross Performance Billet tensioner bracket

Toyota water pump

Ross Performance Gold series Harmonic Balancer

GRP full gasket set





Fenix Aluminium Radiator

Fenix twin themo fans

Shroud and Custom top radiator pipe by Daz Fab

19 Row Engine oil cooler with thermo fan Speedflow oil cooler lines

Rays TE37 17inch wheels

Nardi Suede steering wheel

Custom boot install

Goleby's Billet oil filter

Custom power steering reservoir by DAZ Fab

Custom Catch Can by DAZ Fab

Modified Rocker covers by DAZ Fab



I would Like to thank Jake and Sam for helping with the build
Denver @ Goleby's for supplying all the parts for the build
Massive thank you to Kristian for Building this killer motor and Naomi for feeding me Pizza while he did all the work
Jonno @ Wired Garage for sorting all the wiring as well as looking after the whole first start process and making the whole thing seamless
Thanks to the Hoff @ Cleveland Exhaust for the tune and making way more power than we planned on making
Dale @ DAZ Fab for all the fabrication work
Last but not least I need to thank my wife Courtney for her help and for also funding my addiction
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