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William-s-JZA80-Supra Goleby's Parts

William's JZA80 Supra

1993 Toyota RZ Supra

"William Writes"

I Bought the car in 2001 as a daily, after moving my black JZA80 on early that year. It was totally stock other then an Apexi Fuel cut defender, boost controller and a front mount intercooler, over time I went down the modding path after I broke the factory turbo's (my first mods were a fuel system to support the new turbo).

Fast forward 10 years after a period of Adulting and personal dramas my goal became different for the car, My quest for a 1000hp 8 second street car started. I originally wanted to achieve this with my HKS t51 kit I had acquired (boy dreams) but it kept falling short so it was time for further upgades and to send it.

1130 hp later we have achieved my 8.8 @160mph pass at drag challenge before we got booted "What a feeling". Future plans are unsure as we have another missile in the build, so this car is kinda on hold for a period while that one progresses. But for now, here is what makes it do it’s thing from school pickup to roll racing and drag events in-between.




6 Boost V-band Manifold

Turbosmart 50mm wastegate plumbed back

G42 -1450 Garrett turbo V-band 1.15 rear housing

Goleby's Parts turbo beanie

Full 4 inch Stainless Exhaust – 2 mufflers




Aftermarket intake manifold 80mm billet throttle body

Plazmaman race 100mm intercooler

Mixture of Plazmaman and Golebys intercooler ally clamps

Turbosmart Raceport




Powerglide – 2 speed 10 Clutch plate, billet pump gear, 2000hp gearset, Reid extension housing bearing guide

B&M Shifter

James Horan Bolt together Convertor

Transcooler with fans

3.5 in custom tail shaft with 1350 uni's

BPP billet uni adaptor

KAAZ 2 way diff Venom billet diff cover

MCA red shocks custom valving

Brembo 380mm 6 pot front brakes

(rears downsized to fit 15” slick) Slotted stock rear Rotor





Haltech elite 2500 + premium wiring harness

Haltech WBC-1

Haltech IO12 expander box + wiring loom

Haltech Can Gauge

R35 coil Kit with PRP coil bracket

Bosch sensors

Haltech map sensor and 3 port boost controller

2 x Haltech 12 position rotary switch

Haltech flex sensor

Haltech front wheel and tailshaft sensors




Radium Multi Pump Surge Tank

3 x Walbro 525 pumps

Dash 10 Teflon supply line Dash 8 return

Twin dash 12 Billet Fuel filters 

Golebys matched Siemens 2400cc Injectors

Custom self made billet Fuel Rail (Twin Feed)

Turbosmart FPR1200 

Venom billet line mounts under car




Toyota 2JZ- GTE

CP pistons 8.5:1

Spool I Beam drag rods

Upgraded wrist pins

Titan Billet Main Caps

ARP Main Studs

ACL Race Big Ends & Mains

ARP 625+ Head Studs

BC cams – 276/278

Kelford Cams Dual spring kit

Ferrea 1mm Oversize valves

Toyota Shimless bucket conversion

TRE cylinder head

Golebys Toyota 2JZGTE hiflow oil pump

Titan adjustable Cam gears

HKS Timing belt

Titan billet belt tensioner bracket

Self made billet belt arm

ATI Balancer

Goleby’s windage tray and baffle sump

Genuine Gaskets




CCW Billet allow wheel

275/40/18 front

315/35/18 rear for street

Weld 275/60/15 pro radial for track work




 Carbon dash panels

Noz Nitrous kit

Nex Nitrous bottle warmer

Hks oil cooler

Billet oil filter

Custom Catch Can by next level motorsport

Modified Rocker covers by myself




I would Like to thank everyone involved over the years as there is way too many to thank but the following have done it time and time again for me.
Special thanks must go to Scott from Next level motorsport for originally helping me get motivated when I was down and out all the time ago and still providing my wiring etc now. Scott Hoffman at Cleveland Exhaust – this car is only as fast as it is from you alone. Mic from Absolute Automotive for helping so many times and ungodly hours and helping me make this car reliable. No mean feat. Geoff Trapnel for machine work on my engines over the last 20 yrs in this car and Brooksy for multiple gear box repairs. Last but not least, Kristian and Naomi @ Goleby's for supplying all the parts for the build. As the plans and the process changed so many times over the years he has always help answer so many dumb questions and recommendation were always on point. Learning to build a monster like this has been entertaining none the less.




 - Media Credit to
WB Media, Street Machine Magazine, 4020 Media, Petri's Old Stuff
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