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Clint-s-Toyota-Supra-JZA80 Goleby's Parts

Clint's Toyota Supra JZA80

"I bought my Supra in 2012 and it was essentially stock, aside from an eBay FMIC. Since then it has slowly evolved with a single turbo upgrade in 2016 and last year the V160 was replaced by a HGT sequential dog box. The last piece of the puzzle is the bottom end which will be upgraded with Spool 3.2L stroker along with a larger 6870 turbo in 2023."




 6466 Turbo 1.0 A/R divided housing

6boost manifold

3.5 inch downpipe




Ebay intercooler 600 x 300 x 75




Carbon fibre driveshaft

8.8" Grannas Racing differential

Upgraded pro axles

MCA purple coilovers

HGT sequential dog box


Haltech Elite 2500

IO box expander

R35 Coilpacks

Triple Walbro pumps

Radium fuel pump hanger

Bosch 2200cc injectors



 Stock bottom end 2JZ

264/272 Kelford cams

Upgraded springs and retainers


Stock body

AM front lip

Twinz design side skirts

Whifbitz front undertray


Haltech CAN gauge to Double Din display



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Clint - October 6, 2023

Thanks for selecting my supra as one of your customer rides!

Kind regards


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