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Connor-s-R33-GTS-T Goleby's Parts

Connor's R33 GTS+T

Connor Writes, 

I bought the car in 2014 (as a 1993 R33 GTS factory non turbo rb25de manual) to learn to drive in at 15 years old and had no real plans for the car at the time, being so young I just thought it was a cool daily. Over the years it’s had a few different renditions slowly progressing towards the pro street/drag category I guess you’d say. It currently makes 1172rwhp on 50psi, which is pretty crazy to think that when I first started driving this car on my L plates it probably made about 150hp if that. Current goal for the car is an 8 second pass while remaining street-able on the weekends etc. I also enjoy roll racing and managed to snag the win there once in November 2020 and have been runner up a second time since.

Current PB at willowbank is 9.10 @157mph on around 950hp.





Proboost S480 81/87mm 1.10 Turbocharger

6 Boost RB26/30 T4 split pulse exhaust manifold

Turbosmart 50mm pro-gate wastegate

4” Stainless dump pipe

4” side pipe

(Separate street system dumped at the diff using Golebys supplied muffler/stainless tubing/vband clamps).

Golebys turbo beanie

Turbosmart OPR plumbed with Golebys fittings & braided lines





 Plazmaman Pro Series 600x300x100 intercooler

Plazma clamps & aluminium piping

Old-school Greddy Intake plenum using factory RB26 itb’s (looking to upgrade this to a Plazmaman unit later this year)





Miller Engines built powerglide

Sonnax billet straight cut 1.69 planetary set

10 clutch top gear drum

Billet input/output shafts

James Horan (full race fabrications) torque converter

PWR engine oil cooler used as transcooler plumbed with -8 AN Golebys fittings/braided hose

1 piece 3.5 Chromoly tailshaft w/ 1350 uni’s, strange chromoly front yoke

R200 diff with 4.11 final drive ratio Nismo 1.5 way gt pro lsd

Extended wheel studs




Haltech Elite 2500 ecu

(wired by Miller Engines & Mechanical)

Haltech wideband o2 control

Haltech i/o expander x2

Haltech IC7 Dash in Mako Motorsport recessed dash surround

Haltech 15 button CAN keypad

Numerous Haltech sensors used throughout to utilise effective engine protection strategies and provide data to develop the car every pass.

PRP R35 GTR coilpack kit

Kulig Engineering cam/crank trigger kit



 Bosch 2200cc injectors

2x Holley Dominator 1800 fuel pumps

60L fuel cell mounted in the boot

Raceworks fuel rail Plumbed with Golebys fittings & braided hose

E85 fuel Sniper nitrous kit (125hp shot)

NOS 10lb bottle mounted in the boot




Miller Engines & Mechanical built RB26/30

Standard RB30 crankshaft/girdle

Spool I beam conrods (L19 rodbolts)

CP RB30 DOHC pistons

ARP 2000 series main studs

ATI harmonic balancer

Nitto oil pump using custom Miller Engines external pickup system

Custom fabbed 9L sump

ARP 2000 series head studs

Nitto head gasket

Kelford 280 degree drop-in camshafts

Tomei cam cap studs

Supertech valve springs

Tomei adjustable cam gears

PRP CAS bracket

Hypertune billet engine covers

Spool head drain kit

Golebys parts engine oil cooler




Weld S71 17x5 front wheels

Buddy Club P1 15x8 rear wheels

275/60 MT pro radial

GTR brakes/hubs on the front with slotted discs GTST brakes/hubs on the rear




Mike’s Fabworks IHRA spec chromoly cage/chute mount

Stroud chute

Mickz Metal Craft drag wing

Kirkey pro street seats/tweed covers

B&M stealth pro ratchet shifter w/ transbrake button

Momo Montecarlo steering wheel with boost scramble/bump button.




Firstly I would like to thank Lochy at Miller Engines & Mechanical as he is 99.9% responsible for the entire car and has been since the start of its journey, His workmanship & track support is unreal. Secondly I would like to thank Josh at JV Fabworx and Mick at Mickz Metal Craft for their immaculate fabrication work on the car. Finally I would like to thank Golebys Parts for all the parts and materials for fab work over the years, being a Toowoomba local we are truly spoilt having such a resource just up the road.
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