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Ethell-s-Not-RB30-Powered-VL-Commodore Goleby's Parts

Ethell's Not RB30 Powered VL Commodore


 Chris bought his car as a completely stock 1986 VL Commodore with the intention to make it a cool all round car that can cruise with the kids, travel to events and also enjoy it on the track. A small RB30 turbo kit conversion and 5-600hp package turned into a complete nut and bolt ground up rebuild over a short 10 years with a 2JZ and powerglide and now makes a neat little 920rwhp on just 30psi. It has a few mid 9sec times slips with less power and is now looking at the goal of an 8sec pass




Garrett GTX42/94
6Boost manifold
Turbosmart 50mm Pro-Gate wastegate
Custom Goleby's 4” 304 stainless dump pipe
3.5” exhaust
Goleby's Parts Turbo Beanie
Goleby's Parts turbo oil/water lines/fittings




Plazmaman Pro Series intake Manifold
Plazmaman throttle body
Plazmaman Fuel Rail
ARC 600 x 300 x 110 intercooler




Kiprios Performance Powerglide
Sonnax Straight cut 1.80 Billet gearset
TCE 5500 converter
PWR oil cooler and Spal fan
Kiprios Performance Borg Warner diff
31spline billet axles
Harrop trutrac Center
T/A Performance rear hat
ARP studs
M80 3:45 Gearset machined to fit




Link Fury G4 ECU
PRP R35 coil kit
Goleby's Parts GE trigger kit




Bosch Motorsport 2000cc injectors
Turbosmart FPR1200 fuel reg
Walbro intank “255” lift pump
surge tank with Twin Walbro 525 fuel pumps
Goleby's Parts feed and return lines and fittings
Speedflow Billet Fuel Filter




Kiprios Performance prepped 2JZ-GE motor
Unopened non turbo bottom end
(stock crank, main caps, bearings, rods, pistons, ring gaps etc)
HKS 280 cams, valve springs, titanium retainers
Goleby's adjustable cam gears
Goleby's trigger kit
Stock ports, stock valves
GTE covers
ATI balancer









Interior completely stock with B&M pro ratchet shifter
DBA “VT” front discs
DBA “VS” rear discs
Bendix Ultimate pads




I would like to thank Jake Beazley & Todd Wilson for the body work, Kip from Kiprios performance for motor, box and diff stuff over the years, Kirsten Golobey for ALL of the parts, help and cuddles and most of all, The Hoff at Cleveland Exhaust for endless work, tuning, fixing, eating donuts and help with anything and everything at any time with only minor tears.
Media Credits
4020 Media, Full Throttle Photography, 491CS Photography, WB Media, Nugget Garage
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