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Rhys-s-Holden-Commodore-VY-Executive Goleby's Parts

Rhys's Holden Commodore VY Executive

"I bought this as a 'gift' to myself when completing my electrical apprenticeship. It was already turbo-converted and making 378hp back in 2015. I soon had it back to the dyno for a touch-up tune on a new stock bottom end and made 421hp 818.8nm @15psi through the factory Getrag gearbox. 11 gearboxes later and an injector failure resulting in a bottom end. I decided to T56 convert it and go the forged route. Made 568hp 1289nm @24psi on a damaged GT3582... I later decided to redo my entire setup from the ground up. It now makes over 700hp with the dyno session cut short due to a turbo failure on my custom 70mm turbo. I have a G42-1450 waiting to go onto and then it will see 1000+ hopefully and a low 9 possibly high 8 second pass. I also have a billet 4.2L stroker & solid roller camshaft combo being made that will see this to over 1300+HP. Not your average mang-mang yet still nothing special by today's standards. End of the day it is still a dirty V6 commodore."


Corn Fed Boost Custom T4 Turbo Manifold

Turbosmart Gen-V 50mm Wastegate

Custom Turbo (70/84mm Comp, 70/63mm Turbine) By OnBoostPerformance & Turbochargers

4" Dump Pipe By Niche Welding

Custom 4" Exhaust with a 4" Racecraft Middle Muffler By Niche Welding  



Custom Intake - Holley Top lid Grafted Onto An Ecotec Lim By Nelg's Ali Mods

82mm Bosch DBW Throttle Body

Plazmaman LS Pro Intercooler

 3" Plazmaclamps Throughout

Custom 3" Intercooler Piping By Niche Welding


Direct Clutch Services Custom Sintered Metal Twin Plate Clutch

Malwood Adapter Plate

T56 with S1 Sequential Shifter

Custom Final Drive Tailshaft

3.7 Diff gears & Kaaz 2-way Locker

Pedders Coilovers


Link Fury G4+ Full Standalone ECU

IGN-1a Ignition Coils

Full Custom Harness By Myself @ RKGarage 


1x 040 Lift Pump

2x Bosch 044 Pumps

3L Surge tank

Goleby's AN10 Teflon Fuel Lines & Filter

Turbosmart FPR1200

Goleby's AN8 Teflon Return Line

Bosch 2200cc Injectors

3.8L V6 Ecotec Standard Block

Standard Crank

4340 Rod's

JE 8.5:1 Ceramic Coated Forged Pistons

Custom Morel Tie Bar Lifters

Custom Camshaft & Ported Cast Heads By Kyri Race Heads

Meziere Electric Water Pump

Custom Alternator Relocation Bracket By Myself @ RKGarage

Bottom End Machined & Assembled By My Mate Sam Who Was From Engine Machining Services.



S-Pac/SS Body Kit

Boot Lip Spoiler

D-Speed DS-04 18x9.5" Rims

HDT Scoop

VZ Calais Black Interior Conversion

Rear VZ Calais Leather Seats

Front Bucket Seats

WK Grange Steering Wheel

Power Tune Digital Dash With Mako Motorsport Dash Insert

S1 Sequential Shifter

Sam Doney- For assembling & blue printing my bottom end, Nelg's Ali Mods - For the killah intake manifold work, Niche Welding - For all the oustanding fabrication work in the engine bay, JPFab - For the last minute couple ali welds to keep me progressing, Corn Fed Boost - For the killah turbo manifolds, Nathan Kyri From Kyri Race Heads - For the insane camshaft & head work, Justin Pitsikas From BYE Performance - For the killah tune as always & slotting me in between job's, Everyone who helped with advice or steered me in the right direction from the moment I got into the turbo Ecotec scene which led me to where I am now. Finally to my missus Jess, for not raising an eyebrow or a word said for all the money spent at this rebuild & not our new house that still requires a backyard to this date... whoops!

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