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Max-s-2000-Lexus-GS300 Goleby's Parts

Max's 2000 Lexus GS300

At first, the plan was "comfortable cool daily" as I have always loved the 2J platform but a supra was out of reach, so I settled with the GS300. Fast forward 3yrs the GS300 now makes a very healthy 550+hp built by Next Level Motorsport, tuned by Cleveland Dyno with parts supplied by Goleby's parts.


6boost manifold

Garrett GTX 3076 1.01

 Turbosmart 50mm progate

Custom stainless dump pipe

Goleby's Turbo Beanie


Plazmaman intake

Bosch DBW throttle body


Air runner systems air bag kit


Haltech Elite 2500

R35 GT-R coil kit



Bosch 460lp intake pump

Haltech flex fuel sensor

Plazmaman billet fuel rail

1000cc injectors

2JZ GE+T VVTI Stock GE block

 2JZ GTE rods

ARP rod bolts

ACL bearings

2JZ GTE oil pump

2JZ GTE head gasket Rebuilt stock head


Scott at Next Level Motorsport Scott at Cleveland Dyno The team at Goleby's And of course my wife Amanda

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