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Bosch-044-Fuel-Pumps-End-of-an-Era-Start-of-a-new Goleby's Parts

Bosch 044 Fuel Pumps - End of an Era / Start of a new

After 28 years as the global standard for reliable, high-flow fuel supply our 044 Motorsport fuel pump has been retired.
Replacing it is the improved ‘200’ fuel pump, flowing ~10% higher at 7bar and weighing 15% less than its predecessor. At 5bar of pressure, the >275l/h flow rate supports approx. 600hp at the engine. It is provided with fittings to make it a drop-in replacement for an existing 044 install.
While remaining 044 pump stocks sell out, please remember that failed counterfeit units have been found in unsuspecting customer installs in the past. Purchase only from Bosch Motorsport or a Bosch Motorsport authorised retailer to ensure you are getting one of our OEM-quality, Motorsport-proven pumps.

- >275l/h @ 5bar
- Supercedes the 0 580 254 044
- Flows ~10% higher than 044 at 7bar
- Weighs 15% less than 044 at 860g
- Current draw similar to 044
- M18x1.5 inlet fitting and M12x1.5 outlet fitting
- External non return valve
- Pressure relief valve 8-10bar
- Not suitable for voltage regulation
- Compatible with Gasoline and Diesel

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