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Specs & Features: Haltech 4-Port Boost Control Solenoid

Used to control a wider range of boost pressure, Haltech’s new 4-Port Boost Control Solenoid is now in stock and available for immediate distribution.

Part No: HT-020401
Compatible with all Haltech ECUs.
Included in the kit:
1 x Boost Control Solenoid4 x 1/8NPT to 5/16″ Barb
1 x Brass Vent
1 x DTM2 Connector set
1 x M6 Isolated Mount
1 x Mounting Bracket with fitting hardware

Wire 1: Switched +12V. Wire 2: ECU Output. Recommended Output control frequency is 33Hz.
This connection is not polarity sensitive and can be wired in either orientation.

Port A : To top port of wastegate
Port B : To bottom port of wastegate
Ex Port : Vent to air filter / atmosphere
In Port : To pressure only source from turbo

If upgrading from a 3-Port solenoid control system, your boost control settings and tables will need to be re-tuned.
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