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Specs & Features: MCA Reds Coilovers

MCA Reds are the longest running product second only to the Gold Series. Whilst traditionally they are recognised for their performance and flexibility in tarmac based motorsports such as circuit, time attack, drift, drag and roll racing, their valving and springs can also be tailored to suit comfort based street use, or anything in between.


The MCA Reds are currently the suspension of choice for a number of control racing categories both in Australia and overseas as well as featuring on MCA's own lap record holding Time Attack Toyota 86.


Their valving and spring rates are determined by our Suspension Gurus on a per customer basis.


Custom Springs          Custom Valved

 At MCA Suspension they offer the most inclusive and diverse warranty for suspension damper components. This warranty not only covers the usual things like oil leaks, but also gas leaks, bearings, bushes and even noises. On top of this they have an excellent exchange program to help out customers who are unable to have their cars off the road.

They even warrant both street and motorsport use and don’t require any specific ride height range or damper setting range be used, it’s easy to see why the MCA Suspension warranty program is far ahead of the competitors.




Designed, Developed & Assembled To Order In Australia

 Designed, Developed & Fully Assembled to Order In Australia the MCA Reds are assembled to order in Australia by highly trained and specialised team. All suspension setups have been designed in Australia by MCA Suspension. Unlike many of the competitors, no copied setups or re-branded products here.





Dyno Tuned

Your suspension will be dyno tuned on the shock dyno prior to being sent. Dyno tuning guarantee’s consistency between each shock as well as confirming the valve pack will behave in accordance to your needs or requirements.





                        Rugged Spec

Taking the previous internal sealing spec Bamber Spec to the next level, Rugged Spec literally doubles down by overhauling the major sealing component designs to build in sealing redundancy. Essentially this means the sealing points inside the dampers now have a backup resulting in the most durable dampers MCA has ever produced.



Superior Monotube Design

Generally speaking, regarding automotive suspension, there are two types of dampers in the way that they operate internally. Monotube and Twin-Tube. Twin-Tubes often are cheaper alternatives and don’t have the same potential and fast response as Monotubes. MCA Suspension only uses Monotube Suspension, as does all true high-end suspension brands.





       Powerful 12 Click Damper Adjustment

The dampers come with a simple but powerful 12 clicks of damper adjustment between hard and soft settings. The way the damper adjuster works, is it controls the amount of oil that bypasses the valving system. Setting the adjuster harder restricts oil flow making the damper firmer, while setting the adjuster softer allows the oil to flow easier which makes the damper softer.










Height Adjustment

All complete suspension setups come with vehicle ride height adjustment. Contrary to most other products around this price point, MCA Suspension products DO NOT use “Base Height Adjustment”. This is because the “base height adjustment” method of initial design and height adjustment is extremely flawed, carries no logic and shows a pure lack of understanding of how suspension works.

At MCA Suspension these setups are far more thoroughly designed and therefor use the spring seat height adjustment method for ride height. This is the same system as used on top end suspension products.

Suggested height adjustment range: MCA Reds are a tailored package and can be designed for certain ride heights on a per customer basis, If you are wanting a particular ride height please let us know.




Fusion Valving V3

Carrying on from the original version of Fusion Valving, V3 offers increased comfort and a smoother ride with no reduction of outright performance potential. On top of this, damper adjustment range has also been refined to provide a much wider usable range of adjustment.






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