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Specs & Features: Haltech Nexus R3

If you’ve been looking at the Nexus R5 and thinking it might be a bit of an overkill for your build – we’ve got some good news for you! The Nexus family of products is about to get a new member…
Much like its bigger brother, the new Nexus R3 combines the functionality of a power distribution module, a data logger, a wideband controller and a state-of-the-art engine management system in one compact yet powerful device. With a small footprint and sharing a lot of powerful tuning features with the R5, the new R3 will provide an integrated vehicle control solution to racers, tuners, engine builders and performance enthusiasts alike.
• A data logger
• A power distribution module
• A wideband controller
• A high speed wi-fi communications module
• A new generation engine management system
All natively interconnected with each other.
All programmable with one single piece of software.

R3 VS R5

We figured the first, and the most frequently asked question about the new Nexus R3 will be: “How does it compare to the R5?” With that in mind we prepared this comparison table that should provide all the answers.




Are all the NSP functions available in the R5 also available in the R3?
Yes. The R3 shares all the NSP functions, including the Oscilloscope and all the Advanced Tuning Options like Torque Management, Nitrous Control, Race Timer, Flat Shift and Closed Loop Boost Control with the R5.

Does the R3 have Wi-Fi?
Yes. The R3 features an in-built Wi-Fi module for wireless communication and will ship with a Wi-Fi antenna.

Can I use the R3 on V8 engines?
Absolutely. The R3 will support 2, 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines. However, if you are planning to run more than one injector per cylinder on your V8 you’ll need to get the R5.

When is it going on sale?
The Nexus R3 will be available for sale on the 22nd March 2023. Want to be notified about all our upcoming releases? Subscribe to our Newsletter.

How much is it?
See our retail pricing for the Nexus R3 VCU here.

How does the R3 compare to other ECUs in the Haltech range?
See our full ECU Comparison Table

Where can I get physical dimensions and wiring instructions for the R3?
See the diagram below for all the physical dimensions of the Nexus R3. For more specs download the Nexus R3 Quick Start Guide and Nexus R3 Wiring Diagram




The Nexus R3 will be available as a stand-alone unit or in kits with a plug and pins set or a Universal Engine Harness. This universal harness plugs directly into the Nexus R3 VCU, and has unterminated cables that can be wired to suit most popular engines. All the unterminated wires are colour coded and labeled in groups for easy identification.

Haltech Nexus R3 VCU connectors:
• Firewall grommet (51mm outer diameter)
• All wires grouped, colour coded and labeled for ease of identification
• Connections for Haltech CAN devices (eg digital displays, keypads, etc.)
• Shielded crank (trigger) and cam (home) sensor wires for reluctor or hall effect sensor types
• 11 x analog voltage inputs (AVIs) to connect to voltage type sensors (eg MAP, temperature, pressure, position)
• 6 x synchronised pulsed inputs (SPIs) for frequency type sensors (eg speed sensors, flex fuel sensors)
• 2 x knock sensor inputs
• 1 x terminated wideband lambda sensor input
• 4 x 25A high current outputs (25A-HCO)
• 6 x digital pulsed outputs (DPOs)
• 6 x half bridge outputs (HBOs)
• 8 x ignition outputs
• 8 x injector outputs



• Plug and pins set. AMP 34 pin key 1, AMP 34 pin key 2, DTP 4 pin: HT-030013
• NEXUS R3 Universal Wiring Harness 2.5m. HT-183200
• Glass mount Wi-Fi antenna with 1.5m terminated lead. HT-011401
• Wideband Flying Lead Adaptor Harness 400mm. HT-010723
• LSU4.9 Wideband Hardware Pack. Inc sensor, adaptor harness and weld-in bung. HT-010746
• NTK Wideband Hardware Pack. Inc sensor, adaptor harness and weld in bung. HT-010747
• NEXUS R3 Tube Mount Kit 1.625” HT-039067. 1.25” HT-039065
• Hydraulic cable lug crimping tool. HT-070306



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