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Goleby-s-Parts-1JZ-Ford-Capri-2018-2019 Goleby's Parts

Goleby's Parts 1JZ Ford Capri (2018-2019)

After recently parting ways with our Yellow 1jz powered street ke36 corolla (Which we purchased back 2022), it was finally time for us to see what the true potential of our 1JZ 1200hp engine was.

We had purchased a ke26 corolla to build into similar specs over the next year but when our friend had his Capri up for sale it was to hard to pass up with all the hard work done. With this being the first Radial car in Australia to go 1.10 to the 60 foot (and 6.9 at 200mph) and a Chassis and rear end by 6Boost even with thousands of hours we could never replicate it ourselves.
Thanks to the previous owner and all his knowledge the car is 100% setup for us to insert and test some of our Goleby's Parts JZ engine packages (the same parts we use in a street engine). So we get to work and build one of our 1200hp 1jz engines and tune it to around 1000WHP to get us hopefully into the 7's without to many dramas, then after getting some R&D from the engine at that level it will be time to push it to the 1200hp mark.
PB 1/4 mile was 7.90 @172mph 48psi boost  (2019)
Approx 1050HP at the hubs
PB 1/8 mile was 4.91 @143mph 56psi boost (2019)
Approx 1200HP at the hubs
Parts List
Golebys parts 1200hp 1jz long engine package
Standard port 1jz head 296 degree cams
6boost custom manifold
Gtx5018 turbo
Turbosmart 50mm wastegate GENV
Haltech Elite 2500T
Plazmaman intake manifold 
Siemens 2400cc injectors x 12
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