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Naomi-s-Nug-2JZ-GTE-Nissan-S15 Goleby's Parts

Naomi's "Nug" 2JZ-GTE Nissan S15

Naomi picked up her S15 in 2014, with the intent to build a tidy all-rounder suited for the street, drag & roll racing. Naomi's 2JZ S15 is a familiar face in the Queensland drag racing scene, not only known for its loud yellow paint but also being able to put down a solid ET of 8.42 @ 165mph, as well as being a runner up at the Popular QLD Roll Racing Event. All of this made possible by 1070hp at the wheels on 38psi, with more to come once the new fuel system is installed. Enjoy some photos & specs below of this very cool street car.
72mm Throttle Body, Single 6 injector fuel rail
Custom Intercooler Piping using Plazmaclamps
GRT (Gilroy's Race Transmissions) Built Powerglide
GRT 4500 RPM Converter
PWR 28 Row Oil Cooler + Spal Fan
R32 GTR Diff 4.11 Ratio + GTR Axles + GTR Hubs
DBA Slotted Rotors
DBA Brake Pads
MCA Custom Pro Sport Rear Coilovers
Haltech Elite 2000 + Terminated Harness
Siemens Deka 2400cc Injectors
Turbosmart FPR 1200 V2
2 x Bosch Motorsports 540 LPH Fuel Pumps
Goleby's Parts Feed & Return Lines
Speedflow Billet Fuel Filter
Toyota 2JZ-GTE Non VVT-I
Ferrea Intake & Exhaust Valves
Toyota Shimless Bucket Conversion
Leeson Engineering Cam Gear Titanium Bolt & Retainer
PRP x Goleby's Parts Billet Cam Covers
Weld Racing S77
Fronts - 17x8 - 215/60/17
Street Rears - 17x10 255/55/17 Nitto
Racing Rears -15x9 275/60/15 Street R's
M Sport Style Body Kit
2 x Velo GPT90 Bucket Seats
Mishimoto Radiator
Goleby's Parts Silicone Radiator Joiners
Goleby's Parts Fittings & Hose
"I would love to thank, Kristian for all the help & ongoing support, all the amazing brands involved with the build, Hoff from Cleveland Exhaust & the huge list of people who have helped with the car, you know who you are" - Naomi
 - Photo Credit to Joshua Maher (@chumdab), Street Machine Magazine, Drag
- Video Credit - Drag Videos Australia (YouTube)
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