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Haltech NTK O2 Sensor

The all new Haltech NTK WB1 and WB2 Wideband Controller Kits

We are excited to announce the addition of the NTK version to the Haltech O2 Wideband range. The NTK WB1 and NTK WB2 join the Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband kits that have been the mainstay of Haltech’s wideband O2 controller offerings for a number of years.

Why NTK?

The Bosch 4.9 sensor while very popular and perfectly suitable for most performance applications does have its limitations. Fuels that are not petrol or gasoline-based and air-fuel ratios that are richer than 0.7 lambda significantly shorten the working life of a Bosch 4.9 sensor.

The NTK LZA08 sensor is considerably more robust and comes supplied with a custom-designed radial shroud to offer a longer sensor life at both richer mixtures and with alternate fuel types like methanol and race gas.

The NTK sensor will read reliably all the way down into the 2:1 air-fuel ratio range for methanol drag cars – that’s more than twice the range of the Bosch 4.9 sensor.

Same but different

Much like its Bosch version, the NTK wideband controller similarly comes in a single channel and dual channel variation and looks and interfaces with all Haltech ECUs in exactly the same way.

Daisy-chaining multiple controllers is also just as easy as with the Bosch Wideband Controllers with the integrated DTM-4 connectors making the process nice and simple. NTK Wideband Controllers are also user-programmable letting you assign the controller designation via the ESP software.

Both single and dual-channel Wideband Controllers come integrated with generous length (1200mm/4 foot), pre-terminated sensor connection cables.

Single Channel NTK O2 Wideband Controller Kit

Part Number: HT-159978
1 x Single Channel Haltech CAN Wideband Controller
1 x Haltech DTM4 to DTM4 CAN Cable (4’/1200mm)
1 x DTM-4 Power Supply Cable (6″/150mm)
1 x NTK to DTM 6 Adaptor (1200mm)
1 x Stainless Steel Bung
1 x NTK Sensor
1 x Quick Start Guide



Dual Channel NTK O2 Wideband Controller Kit

Part Number: HT-159988
1 x Dual Channel Haltech WB2 Controller
1 x Haltech DTM4 to DTM4 CAN Cable (4’/1200mm)
1 x DTM-4 Power Supply Cable (6″/150mm)
2 x NTK to DTM 6 Adaptors (1200mm)
2 x Stainless Steel Bungs
2 x NTK Sensors
1 x Quick Start Guide

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