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New-Injector-Option-for-the-GR-Yaris Goleby's Parts

New Injector Option for the GR Yaris!

Development Continues ...

This might surprise you but one of the best selling items at Goleby's Parts is in fact Bosch Motorsports injectors. Offering universal solutions in 550cc all the way up to 2200cc with the addition of the Siemens 2433cc, with 980cc-1150cc injectors being the most popular size, offering a majority of our injectors with or without flow matching, to learn more about the process, follow the link below to our video on flow matching;

Naturally with the platform being modified and aftermarket ECU support becoming available, injectors are something that needs to be upgraded. With a few options on the website consisting of 627cc & 650cc. With our Turbo kits around the corner using a 6boost manifold paired with the Garrett G25's, more fuel will be critical to keep the motor happy.
Fresh to the website are our new GRP Engineering Bosch 1190cc - 1320cc Injector Kit, modified to suit the GR Yaris & supplied with everything you need to install into your factory fuel rail! With more info on the listing below, check them out!

Also to compare them to our 980-1150cc injectors, we were not shocked to see the increased flow from the bigger injectors, netting approximately 20% more flow over the smaller injectors at 3 Bar! If you have any questions get in touch with our sales staff today! 

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