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Richie's JZX100 Chaser

Richie's JZX100 Chaser

Goleby's Parts are known for building fast JZ powered cars and this is no exception making 528HP at 26.5PSI of boost on E85 at the hands of Madoc Tuning. This is a great power level for the street.

Garrett G30-770 turbocharger

Artec high mount exhaust manifold

Turbosmart GenV 45mm wastegate

3.5" stainless downpipe

Custom 3" exhaust with titanium Vibrant muffler




 BPP JZX100 fuel rail kit

Bosch 74mm DBW throttle body & pedal

 GRP JZX100 intercooler kit


R154 manual conversion

HKS LA twin plate

Serial9 rear upper control arms

Serial9 rear lower control arm

Serial9 front upper control arms

Serial9 rear hub bushings

MCA coilovers


 Haltech Nexus R3

Haltech 2x4 keypad

Franklin coil bracket kit

R35 coil packs


 Bosch 1650cc injectors

Turbosmart FPR6

Bosch BR540

Syltech pressure & temp sensors

Syltech flex fuel sensor

 Kelford 260°/ 260° camshafts

Kelford valve springs & titanium retainer set

GRP viton valve stem seal set

ARP head studs

GRP VRS gasket kit

OEM Toyota timing belt

Genuine Toyota water pump

Fenix radiator


OEM Aero

SSR SP5 Wheels


Haltech IC7 Dash with Mako Motorsport dash surround

Haltech 2x4 Keypad

GRP Fabrication JZX100 DBW pedal adaptor

Bosch Motorsport Australia DBW pedal


Shout out to Goleby's Parts for supplying everything needed to build this JZX100. Jesse at Madoc Tuning for the great tune up and Luke from WireLab for the custom wiring loom & accessories, also a big thank you to the GRP Fab Team for their hard work. Props to all of Goleby's other partners for supplying some killer parts to compliment the build.

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