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Haltech - ECU Buying Guide


Haltech makes ECUs to suit a wide range of engines and applications so sometimes working out which ECU is right for you can be a tricky process. Here are a few simple hints to help you choose the correct ECU for your application.


Haltech ECUs are split into two major groups; Plug’n’Play and Universal. If you are planning to use the factory harness then take a look at our Plug’n’Play ECU solutions. These include the Platinum Pro Plug-in ECUs that connect directly to your factory harness or Elite ECUs that connect to the factory harness via a unique Plug’n’Play Adaptor Harness.

If you’re planning to rewire your car completely, do an engine swap, or build a race car from the ground up then head straight for the Universal ECU range. These ECUs are supported with a variety of wiring options, from universal wiring harnesses to engine-specific terminated harnesses. As their name suggests, Universal ECUs will work with almost all engine types and configurations. The latest Nexus Series VCUs go one step further and include an on-board Power Distribution Module making the wiring process quicker, easier and safer!


Your engine’s requirements will dictate the features you’ll need from your ECU. The number of inputs and outputs required will quickly narrow down your selection. Some ECUs are more suited for 4 or 6 cylinder engines, while V8s or V12s will in most cases require the ECUs in the upper end of the range.

Next, look at your engine’s specific requirements like Engine Protection, Drive-By-Wire throttle, Flex Fuel, Knock Control, Long Term Learning, Launch/Traction Control or Variable Cam Control. Adding these to your list will further refine your choices.


If you’re building a race car then you’ll no doubt be needing functions that will allow you to go faster, quicker and stay reliable. Look for “Race Functions” like Boost Control, Nitrous Control, Flat Shift, Trans Brake or Torque Management which have been specifically designed for competitive racing.

The comparison tables below will help you decide which ECU has the features, functions, inputs and outputs best suited to your vehicle.

Still Unsure?

If you’ve narrowed your choice down to a couple of ECUs but want to confirm that you’ve made the right decision, contact our sales team at ->

Thank you to Haltech for making this guide.

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